Tuesday, December 9, 2008

April's Christmas Countdown: #2 Charlie Brown Christmas

I love Charlie Brown. Today, he would probably be described as "emo" or something, but I applaud Charlie Brown and his anti-commercial approach to Christmas. He refuses to get an aluminum tree (the equivalent now would be to get a fake green tree) and ends up with a pretty sad looking real tree.

I love that Charlie Brown doesn't let the craziness of commercialness ruin his Christmas. Here's what I really love about Charlie Brown, though: even though Charlie Brown laments that he doesn't have friends or that he doesn't get Christmas cards, all those other kids are there for him at the end. They make his sad little tree into a lovely decorated tree and everyone happily sings carols.
I also love the part where Linus recites the story about Jesus' birth and the shepherds. It always makes me smile. I like Charlie Brown because he reminds me of myself in a lot of ways (except that I'm more positive about most things) especially when he tries to direct the Christmas play. He's just doing it the way he thinks he should be doing it, when it doesn't work, he just kind of goes to hang out with his weedy looking tree. I tend to hang out with weedy looking trees a lot (when I'm not, you know, writing amazing blog posts, and stuff).

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Tricia said...

I'm glad this made your list!! I watched it just yesterday. I love the end when they sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" while looking straight up and opening their mouths as wide as possible. Just kills me.

For the record, the word verification word is: butchagg. Sounds like an insult.