Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hardcore chick flick: P.S. I Love You

I know that we've been pretty harsh with chick flicks in the past, so you might be wondering why we insist on continuing to watch these films. I certainly can't speak for Tiffany, but I think that I am eternally searching for a decent chick flick. One that will make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but not so sweet and mushy as to make my teeth hurt. With that said, I'm still kind of on the fence with P.S. I Love You.
Basically, the plot is this: Holly's husband Gerry has just died and (understandably) she is doing very not well. On her 30th birthday, Holly gets a cake and the first of several letters that Gerry pre-arranged for her to get on specific days in specific ways after his death. The letters take her on a journey of re-discovery.

My Commentary: Okay, so this movie is pretty close to the edge as far as overall gooey-ness goes, but I kind of liked it. HOWEVER, I think that the reason that I liked it was because I haven't watched any hardcore chick flicks for a long time. What I liked about this movie is that *almost* every time it started to get to the point where I would want to puke, something horrifyingly embarrassing happened to Holly, lessening the awkward/sappy/sad level of my movie watching experience. So while the movie wasn't exactly good, it wasn't as painful as it could have been. Rating: ***** (5 out of 10)

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