Tuesday, October 21, 2008

April's Take on Lars and the Real Girl

I'll spare you the plot summary, since Tiffany already wrote one. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the film as well.I saw this film as primarily being about Lars' inability to grow up or deal with people and situations that come his way. Lars doesn't know what it means to be an adult and creating Bianca is his way of manifesting his fears and questions into something tangible that he is comfortable interacting with. As the story unfolds, we learn that Lars had a very lonely childhood with a depressed and distant father and a brother who quickly left for college. As a result, Lars doesn't know how to interact with and be close to people, and describes physical touch as painful. Bianca is his way of interacting with people without getting too close, with Bianca acting as a kind of social buffer between Lars and the town he lives in.
I love this film with it's pink and green color scheme and Northern atmosphere. It makes me want to go play in the snow while thinking about deep philosophical ideas about what it means to be an adult. The best part about this movie is that even though it is heart warming and all that good stuff, it makes you think too. (But in a good way, not in an "ow, my head hurts because that movie was too symbolic" kind of way)

Rating: ********* (9 out of 10)

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